February 27, 2015


Not only was February a short month, but I didn't run for four days straight because I was sick... and then I didn't run for five days straight because I wrecked my back. So, near the end of this month I thought I was not going to meet my goal of running 48 miles.

Then came this week where I ran my ass off (23.5 miles in a week) and today I finished my goal of running 48 miles this month. Yay! Tomorrow, I'll try to get a mile to get up to 50 miles for the month.

February 26, 2015

Hello Blogger

It wasn't long ago that I had moved my blog from my own blog software over to Tumblr. I like change so I have moved my blog over to yet another blogging platform. I had to jump through a few hoops to get my stuff out of Tumblr since Tumblr does not offer an export function (boo! Everyone has exporting... Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, etc). These are the instructions I used to get my stuff out of Tumblr and onto Blogger. Not too bad, but still some extra work.

Lets see how it goes with Blogger.

January 31, 2015

january 2015 on Flickr.

My goal was to run 48 miles total this month. I got caught up trying to get two badges on SmashRun (I am a sucker for digital badges)… the 25 miles in a week and 75 miles in a month badges. I earned both.

So, this month I ended up with 78.7 miles run total. A new high for me. Yay! To compare, in January of 2014, I ran only 12.6 miles. In January of 2013, I ran only 4 (granted I was just getting started running that year).